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Credit Report

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Research Report

The full edition of the report is available at Xinhua Silk Road Database. You can click the “Table of Content” to have a general understanding of it.

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Credit Reports

About Credit Report

The Xinhua Silk Road provides four types of credit reports, including basic, standard, in-depth and customized credit reports, to form a multi-purpose and multi-level credit service system and adapt to diversified market demands. To see the difference of the four versions, please click the "Introduction" button to download the information.

Basic Credit Report

The basic credit report includes basic business information, equity information, history, judicial information, intellectual property information, trademark information, information about the posts held by directors, senior executives or supervisors outside the company, credit and performance information (including negative information). In addition, the red and black lists collected by CreditChina as well as other information will also be included in this report. The basic credit report only contains the information about subjects and performance results obtained from open resources. No authorization from the credit investigation subject is needed before a report query.

Standard Credit Report

The standard credit report is designed for loan on credit and business credit investigation, with additional information about enterprise production and operation, including main business, products and services, relationships between upstream and downstream firms, personal information, corporate governance and internal control system, finance and fund-raising. Relevant data can be obtained from verified open market information, survey reports, rating reports, review reports and other documents released by certified cooperative agencies, but most of them are the information voluntarily provided by enterprises and verified by Xinhua Silk Road.

In-depth Credit Report

The in-depth credit report is the most complete enterprise credit report. In addition to all the information included in basic and standard credit reports, it also contains the information about enterprise performance results in terms of taxation, electric power and finance, as well as concerns about and prompts of macro, industrial and regional credit risks relating to enterprises.

Customized Credit Report

Due to privacy policy, the sample of the customized credit report is not available. According to customer’s needs, Xinhua Silk Road has the ability to provide the customized report by legal means and help the customer timely understand the situation of a target company in China.

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