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IEA report: uptake of renewables as possible way to reduce carbon emissions in industry

November 9, 2017 16:43


BEIJING, Nov. 9 (Xinhua) -- The uptake of renewables would be a possible way to reduce carbon dioxide emissions of industry sector, according to the paper Renewable Energy for Industry jointly released by the International Energy Agency (IEA) and China Economic Information Service (CEIS) of Xinhua News Agency on Thursday.

Written by Cédric Philibert, senior analyst at Renewable Energy Division of IEA, the report mainly finds that the recent rapid cost reductions in solar photovoltaics (PV) and wind power may enable new options for greening the industry, either directly from electricity or through the production of hydrogen-rich chemicals and fuels.

The report points out that electrification of industrial processes, if based on renewable technologies, may offer greater potential for CO2 emissions reductions. Moreover, renewables-based electrolysis of water can produce hydrogen-rich chemicals such as ammonia or methanol, which can be used in various industries as precursors (e.g. for nitrogen fertilizers), process agents (e.g. for low-carbon emissions steelmaking) and fuels, as well as in other end-use sectors such as buildings and transport.

In regions where resources are especially abundant, the cost of hydro, solar and wind power can fall below 0.03 U.S. dollar per kilowatt hour and supply an electricity load with high load factors, particularly when combined. The report says, the Horn of Africa, Australia, North Africa, northern Chile, southern Peru, Patagonia and South Africa, as well as several regions in China and the Midwestern United States offer the largest and highest-quality potential. (Edited by Zhou Yuran)

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