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Ordos Int'l Style (11) Ordos charm through young Israeli directors' lenses

September 15, 2017 10:41


(This text material comes from chinadaily.com.cn.For reference only. )

A screening activity, part of the program"Looking China", was held in Ordos, Inner Mongolia, July 26. Videosmade by six young Israeli directors were shown, giving the local audience achance to get to know the city they live in from a new perspective.

In the past 17 days, students from Israel'sTel Aviv University have cooperated with Inner Mongolia University Ordos Academystudents and the city's new media center in exploring vivid cultural subjects,planning and shooting, generating six different video profiles of the city indistinctive styles and forms.

The videos cover a wide range of themes --from ceremonies worshiping Genghis khan, a hero in Mongolian history, to anOrdos wedding; from matouqin, a traditional Mongolian fiddle, to InnerMongolian people's love to horse; and from folk tales to modern development --all of which together present a comprehensive view of Ordos city.

"Their videos display a diversifiedChina and its rich culture in ways that are most appropriate for their friendsat home, and for other foreigners", said Zhang Xiaoping, deputy directorof the city's publicity department.

After the screening, official leadershanded out "Ordos Culture Ambassador Awards" to the directors andaudience members were able to have in-depth talks with them on the culturebehind the videos.

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