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Ordos Int'l Style (10) Ordosconcludes cashmere industry expo

September 15, 2017 10:40


(This text material comes from chinadaily.com.cn.For reference only. )

The 2016 Ordos International Cashmere Industry Exposition alongside a cashmere innovation conference concluded at theOrdos Modern Cashmere Industrial Park on Sept 29, 2016.

Fu Taizeng, vice president of InnerMongolia, and many other local officials attended and addressed the openingceremony in Ordos, Inner Mongolia autonomous region. More than 500 experts,entrepreneurs and researchers from China and aboard took part in the expo.

During the event, a series of activities,including an academic forum, a trading fair, and various exhibitions wereorganized and conducted.

A cashmere industry innovation forum washeld during that time, focusing mainly on standardization, brand-building, andinnovative utilization of the cashmere industry.

At the trade fair, cooperative contractsrelated to the purchase of raw materials, cashmere products, and e-commercebusinesses, hit 1.54 billion yuan ($231 million) in total.

An exhibition of some brand-new cashmereclothing, an online creative dress contest, a display of wool craftsmanshippieces, and other various activities took place during the event.

The organizers announced the top 10companies judged by their comprehensive competitiveness in cashmere field, andreleased the fashionable color and trend of this year.

Bai Yugang, secretary of the Ordos PartyCommittee, pointed out that as an emerging city in China, Ordos has beenrenowned for its cashmere industry, producing a third of the country’s cashmereand one-fourth of the world’s supply of the fabric. Through this expo, Ordoscashmere is expected to build up its international brand, and the attendantscan further promote investment, collaboration, and innovation within the localcashmere industry.

Led by the China National Textile andApparel Council, the expo was sponsored by China Textile Engineering Society,China Fashion and Color Association, Inner Mongolia Agriculture and HusbandryBureau, the Ordos government, the Ordos Cashmere Group, and many otherassociations.

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