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Ordos Int'l Style (8) Cultural expo attracts tourists and businesses to Ordos

September 15, 2017 10:10


(This text material comes from chinadaily.com.cn.For reference only. )

On Sept 2, 2016, the First Cultural Exposition started at the International Exhibition Center, Kangbashi New District, in Ordos, a city in the Inner Mongolia autonomous region.

With a theme focusing on culturalcreativity and joint development, the expo has attracted over 500 businessesand organizations to present their works and products.

During the five-day event, there will befour major events, along with exhibitions and trading, an academic forum, anaward ceremony, and many other activities.

During the exhibition and trading part,there will be three themed pavilions, including cultural industry achievements,elaborate creative works, and ethnic-style handicrafts.

As for the forum, it aims to discuss thedevelopment of the cultural industry in China.

Relying on a rich history and culture, theOrdos event will encourage Mongolian ethnic groups to promote their uniquecultural identity, whilst promoting trade and investment in the culturalsector.

Kangbashi New District, which is hostingthe event, is not only the center of culture, education and technology inOrdos, but is also home to fashionable and creative ideas.

Combining Mongolian ethnic culture andmodern architecture, the district has become a top destination for NorthChina’s tourists in the summer season, where refreshing air and splendidgrasslands attract large numbers of visitors.

From Sept 2 to 6, local residents andtourists have free access to the exciting new expo.

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