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Ordos Int'l Style (6) International dance carnival concludes in Ordos

September 15, 2017 10:06


(This text material comes from chinadaily.com.cn.For reference only. )

The 2016 International Grassland Dance Carnival, as a part of the third Ordos International Nadam Fair, concluded onAug 15 in Ordos. Beginning on Aug 1, The 15-day dance event is the longestlasting ever dance event in the world to date. A diversity of activities werearranged during the half a month, including the opening and closing ceremonies,over 30 individually-branded dance competitions and shows, more than 150 danceindustry summits and forums, an international dance industry expo and lecturesby over 150 top dance masters' lectures.

Five foreign filmmakers exploredcraftsmanship in Ordos, Inner Mongolia autonomous region, by shooting shortfilms in the city earlier this month as part of the Looking China Youth FilmProject, an annual event organized by the Huilin Foundation and Academy forInternational Communication of Chinese Culture at Beijing Normal Universitysince 2011.

The event is intended to promote Chineseculture travel more widely through the cameras and perspectives of foreignfilmmakers.

This year's young directors and camera creware from Cambodia, Laos, Thailand, Myanmar and Malaysia. With the help ofSoutheast Asia Broadcasting Center of China Radio International and Ordos NewMedia Center, they spent about two weeks in Ordos and nearby areas for theirprojects.

Their tour focused on craftsmanship inOrdos as revealed through the various skills of its people, including growingtrees to prevent desertification, enhancing art forms such as traditionalsongs, making carpets by hand, decorating wood with burn marks, and makingMongolian clothes and headwear.

Chansey Phan, a film director fromCambodia, says he liked his crew to call him by his Chinese name, PanJiangshui.

His film tells the story of a worker whohas been planting trees in Kubuqi, a large desert in Ordos, for about 15 yearsand contributed to the city's efforts to combat desertification.

He had to go to the windy desert everymorning and stay there until late at night to document the worker's life andcapture the desert's sights.

Phan says the worker's persistence touchedhim and the desert's vast beauty amazed him.

"The task was challenging but full ofjoy," he says.

Wee Your Lee, a filmmaker from Malaysia,chose pyrography as his subject. He filmed a veteran in Ordos decorating woodwith burn marks.

"It will be a pity if the artdies," says Wee. "I hope that through my lens, more people around theworld will learn about the art and support its preservation."

Tee Inthilard, a cameraman for MV LaoTelevision in Laos, chose Gurduu, an ethnic Mongolian music form, for his film."The music goes through the heart. It's so amazing," says Inthilard.

All the films were shown in Ordos on July11 and a selected few will be screened internationally later.

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