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Ordos Int'l Style (5) InnerMongolia to host international equestrian festival

September 15, 2017 10:05


(This text material comes from XINHUA. Forreference only. )

BEIJING, May 15,2016 (Xinhua) -- Northern China's Inner Mongolia Autonomous Regionwill host its third international equestrian festival from Aug. 28 to 31, theregion's sports bureau officials said here on Sunday.

The festival, featuring equestrian games, horse racing and Ordos International Nadam Fair, will invite equestrian lovers from worldwide, saidTan Jingfeng, director of the region's sports bureau.

Participants will also enjoy a series of activities including horseindustry forum, photography competition, painting and calligraphy game andothers, Tan said.

French Equestrian Federation and Hong Kong Jockey Club have been invitedto attend the festival.  

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